Why buy just any doll for your child? Gift her a doll that will be a friend, companion and a reminder of the childhood days when she grows up. Gift her a Little Miss K Juliet rag doll.

Our collection of rag dolls is handcrafted with great care making each one unique and special. They are not just dolls they are keepsakes. Delicate embellishments adorn the dolls making them a piece of art to be preserved and collected.

Our dolls have soft face and bodies which are made and stuffed with 100% natural material. From the filling inside the dolls to the dress and adornments, every bit off the dolls is made with cotton or wool. Our Rag Dolls are toxin free and completely safe for children.

The facial features, the ornaments as well as the dress and accessories of the dolls is handmade, thus, each doll is distinct and one of its kind. Our beautiful dolls are 16 inches (40 cms) tall, making them perfect for a child to hold and find comfort in.

Our rag dolls are intended for children aged 3 years and above.



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